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Bell Witch Cave is the fifth episode of Season 10 of Ghost Adventures. Ghost Adventures makes history as the first paranormal TV show to investigate the Bell Witch Cave in Tennessee. The Bell Witch, one of America's oldest spirits, is the first spirit Zak has encountered that has killed a human. This marks the first episode of Ghost Adventures without Nick being part of the team.

Preliminary Investigation



Drewy Bell House

  • Unexplained noises: unexplained footsteps, unexplained loud bang
  • Spirit Box Voices: "Indian", "careful", unexplained male voice(x2)
  • Apparition: A bright orb shoots into the spirit box shortly before "Indian" is captured
  • Physical contact: Zak, Aaron, and Jay feel the whole house suddenly pulsate with energy

Bell Witch Cave

  • Disembodied Voices: "Listen to me", Pig grunting, Voice
  • Apparition: Three mist-like bands of light appear in the cave shortly after the infrasound is activated
  • Apparition: a dark shadow appears on the lower left side of the screen and starts floating to the right before it disappears
  • Unexplained noises: unexplained thrown rock(x2)
  • Other Phenomenon: one of the light poles lights up at the same time the pig grunt is captured
  • Other Phenomenon: All of the light poles light up, indicating electro-magnetic energy
  • Physical Contact: As all the poles light up, every member of the crew feels enveloped in an indescribable energy stating that it feels as if they've opened up a portal.This soon begins having a deeper physical and emotional effect on each member.
  • Apparition: Using the thermal imaging camera, Zak captures an eerie blue glow surrounding Aaron's head. On the left side of the glow, a figure with horns seems to manifest.
  • Physical Harm/Physical Contact: Towards the end of the experiment, Billy starts to get sharp pains in his back, which he described as if his spine had been ripped out of his body. He also states being deeply emotionally affected and drawn away from reality.
  • Visual Sighting: Aaron can visualize a figure with horns on top of a hill. That is eerily similar to the figure that was captured near Aaron's head.
  • Apparition: An orb appears on Zak's command at the exact moment "here I come" is captured.
  • EVPs: "Here I come"


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