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Best Evidence was a special episode which aired alongside "Scariest Moments".


Bobby Mackey's Music World

"Bobby Mackey's Music World"

1st Investigation

  • Full-Body Apparition.

2nd Investigation (Live Event)

Edinburgh Vaults

"Edinburgh Vaults"

  • The ghost of Jack moving a teddy bear trigger object (on camera, EMF detector) and a voice concurrently heard at the same time.

Ancient Ram Inn

"Ancient Ram Inn"

  • Shadow Figure

Linda Vista Hospital

"Linda Vista Hospital"

  • EVP of Humming
  • Orb Manifesting/Disappearing
  • White Mist

Bird Cage Theatre

"Birdcage Theater"

  • White mist flying from Hearse.

Houghton Mansion

"Houghton Mansion"

  • White mist triggering motion sensors.
  • Noises from A.C. Houghton's Office coming from another room.
  • Possible Apparition of Mary Houghton

Clovis Wolfe Manor

"Clovis Wolfe Manor"

  • Purple Apparition on camera.

Old Washoe Club

Ghost Adventures: The Beginning

1st Investigation

  • Full-Body Apparition

2nd Investigation

  • EVP: "Zak, look out!"
  • EVP: "Nick Groff"
  • EVP: "Hate Nick!"
  • EVP: "We're not scared of them!"
  • EVP: "Yeah"
  • EVP: "Never!"
  • EVP: "Nick, go home!"
  • EVP: "Hate Nick" (different)
  • Tug on Zak's shirt
  • EVP: "Groff"


"Pennhurst State School and Hospital"

  • Rock being thrown after bang
  • Coat rack hit Zack

Castillo de San Marcos

"Castillo de San Marcos"

  • Ovulus: "Upstairs"
  • Apparition of soldier w/lantern

Idaho Penitentiary

"Old Idaho Penitentiary"

Poveglia Island

"Poveglia Island"

  • Bang
  • Possession of Zak
  • Orb going into Aaron
  • Orb short-circuiting EMF meter
  • Screams
  • Sounds of running and knocking over infra-red light
  • Mist forming
  • Italian EVP (translated): "Come here"
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