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Title Location Winner Airdate
"Rolling Hills Asylum" East Bethany, NY Resident Undead Paranormal 06/17/11
"Eastern State Penitentiary" Philadelphia, PA Tri-State Paranormal 06/24/11
"Pennhurst" Spring City, PA Quest Paranormal Society 07/01/11
"Ohio State Reformatory" Mansfield, OH Steel Town Paranormal 07/08/11
"West Virginia Penitentiary" Moundsville, WV Northeastern Spirit Society 07/15/11
"Waverly Hills Sanatorium" Louisville, KY E.P.I.C. Investigators 07/22/11
"Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum" Weston, WV Appalachee Paranormal 07/29/11
"Old South Pittsburg Hospital" South Pittsburg, TN Tennessee Wraith Chasers 08/12/11
"La Purisima Mission" Lompoc, CA Paranormal Hot Squad 08/19/11
"Linda Vista Hospital" Los Angeles, CA Paranormal Exp 08/26/11
"USS Hornet" Alameda, CA Soul Seekers 09/09/11
"Jerome Grand Hotel" Jerome, AZ Living Proof of the Paranormal 09/16/11

Paranormal Challenge premiered with "Rolling Hills Asylum" - a battle of the sexes between two teams. Following a few more episodes, teams improved and provided better evidence and teamwork, allowing for some close calls in choosing a winner. During "USS Hornet", Soul Seekers captured profound evidence of a spirit channeling its energy through a MEL Meter using morse code. It was later determined to be a type of encrypted message used by US military during battles. Challenge ended with "Jerome Grand Hotel", further explaining that teams need to make sure they do not contaminant their own evidence, as past teams had done.

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