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Title Location Airdate
Ghost Adventures: The Beginning Virginia City, NV
Goldfield, NV
07/25/07 (Syfy)
10/17/08 (Travel Channel)
Ghost Adventures Live - "Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum" Weston, WV 10/30-10/31/09
Ghost Adventures Live: Post-Mortem - "Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum" Weston, WV 11/06/09
Ghost Adventures Live: The Cutdown - "Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum" Weston, WV 01/15/10
"Poveglia Island Special" Venice, Italy 01/22/10
"Best Evidence" Various 09/10/10
"Scariest Moments" Various 09/10/10
"Valentine's Day Special" Sudbury, MA 02/11/11
"Horror Hotels and Deadliest Hospitals" Various 02/24/12
"Wickedest Women, Houses of Terror, and Bloodiest Battlefields" Various 03/02/12
"Hellfire Caves" London, England 07/13/12
"Fort Horsted" Kent, England 07/20/12
"Dead Men Walking" Various 11/02/12
"Death By Wild West" Various 11/30/12
"Clinically Dead" Various 12/14/12
"Killer Nightlife" Various 12/21/12
"Do Not Disturb" Various 12/28/12
"Home Sweet Hell" Various 01/04/13
"Passport to Hell" Various 01/25/13
"Dungeons and Demons" Various 02/01/13
"Bewitched and Bothered" Various 02/08/13
"Obsessions and Possessions" Various 02/15/13
"Armies of Darkness" Various 03/08/13
"First Timers" Various 03/15/13
"Up Close and Personal" Various 09/27/13
"Transylvania" Transylvania, Romania 10/31/13
"NetherWorld: Paris Catacombs" (spin-off) Paris, France 04/05/14
"Ireland: Celtic Demons" Ireland 10/31/14

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