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Clovis Wolfe Manor is the Season 3 finale of Ghost Adventures. During its 7 decades of operation as a sanitarium and convalescent home, thousands perished in this once stately manor. Some locals affix rosary beads and crucifixes to the fence surrounding the property to keep the evil spirits inside.




Preliminary Investigation

  • Physical contact/EMF Fluctuation: Zak feels a cold breeze hit his arm, at the same time, the EMF detector spikes.
  • Disembodied sounds: Laughing, whistling, and crying
  • Electronic malfunction: The local police have been getting calls from the manor, but the phones have been disconnected for years.
  • Apparition: A new piece of equipment during the demo of how to use it shows an energy cloud in the middle of the screen.



  • Residual noises: Moaning, breathing
  • EVPs: "Nick... heard his name", it wasn't me Zak", "get out", "no", "die", "want.... your energy", "stay", "Zak"
  • EMF fluctuation: Aaron's EMF Detector spikes to 3.2
  • Visual Sighting: Nick sees unexplained flashes behind him.
  • Physical contact: Nick's face goes numb and at the same time, Zak gets chills
  • Physical harm: Aaron starts getting headaches.
  • Physical harm: When Zak is coming out of the crosshairs, his neck is grabbed.
  • Equipment malfunction: When Zak's neck is grabbed, Nicks camera malfunctions.
  • Apparition: Using the UV camera, Nick captures a purple humanoid figure.



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