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Clown Motel and Goldfield High School is the tenth episode of season 11 of Ghost Adventures. The Ghost Adventures Crew returns to Tonopah, Nevada where Zak faces his fear of clown dolls during their lockdown at the Clown Motel. They also return to Goldfield, Nevada in order to investigate the old Goldfield High School.


Preliminary Investigation

  • Physical Contact: Everybody feels strange sensations and energies while conducting the evp burst session and Lisa feels a tingling sensation in her right leg
  • EVPs: "Yeah"


Clown Motel

  • Spirit Box Voices: "Hello", "It turned on"
  • Visual Sighting: Zak sees the dark silhouette of a figure
  • Moving Object: The door to the lobby is heard moving and is seen opened
  • Moving Object: While in the lobby, the X camera captures and Zak witnesses the hand of the large clown doll move off its leg

Goldfield High School

  • Apparition: An fast moving orb darts out of Aaron's head
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels hands on his back at the same time the orb is captured
  • Physical Contact: Aaron loses his balance and falls to the ground
  • Ovilus Voices: "DEMON", "BURY", "SPOT", "FEMALE", "INFORMATION"
  • Physical Contact: Jay feels a strong cold energy surround him in the coal room
  • Apparition: A strange anomaly is captured coming out of the coal room
  • Unexplained Noises: Unexplained footsteps
  • EVPs: "One of the teachers" or "I ain't telling you anything"