Elizabeth is a ghost that reportedly haunts the Goldfield Hotel. She was impregnated by multimillionaire Goerge Wingfield, an influential political figure in the state of Nevada who tried to buy her off with money in the 1930s to avoid her damaging his reputation and business. He later lured her down to Room Room 109 where he chained her up to the radiator with food and water till she gave birth to the child while she screamed for help, never to be heard or helped. As soon as the baby was born, George Wingfield killed her and threw the baby down the stairwell, killing it and causing her ghost to be trapped in the hotel along with her crying child. She is described as having long flowing hair, a white dress, and an expression of sadness around her. She is connected to Virginia and even shows herself moving the tree given to her by Virginia as a present in payment for her 'kind words'.