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John Humphries is the owner of the Ancient Ram Inn, which is considered the most haunted location in the whole of England. John is a retired train driver that had purchased the Ram Inn and converted it into a bed and breakfast for a number of years. As he and the guests began staying there longer they had started to see and hear all kinds of supernatural occurrences, including witches, dogs, baby's crying and many more. After John had started to build new areas in the house he had uncovered devil worshiping artifacts that were hidden within the bricks of his chimney and skeletons of children that had been sacrificed under his floor, along with spears that were used to murder them with.

Although he no longer operated the house as a bed and breakfast he still welcomed Ghost Hunters to stay there and he would give them a tour. John would also fight the local council as they considered his house to be so old that it was a health hazard as it could fall down at anytime and they wanted to make space to build a modern apartment block and bulldoze it down, but he had been in a constant fight to keep the house standing. John had appeared in many local British newspapers over the years after had had supplied photographic evidence of mist-like spirits that he had seen wondering around the house and the most famous of all the stories he had given is that an Incubus demon had been visiting him in his night on a weekly basis and trying to seduce him and even pull him out of the bed by his ankles. He had then started to sleep with a Bible beside the bed so he could reach out and grab it if anything tried to bother him. When the Ghost Adventures Crew had visited him for their episode, he had started to feel a spirit that was moving through him which caused him to be stunned and unable to move. He passed away 12th December 2017.