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La Palazza (sometimes titled "La Palazza Mansion") is the ninth episode of Season 4 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick and Aaron are in their hometown to investigation La Palazza, once an opulent estate near the Las Vegas strip, is now possessed by perhaps the most evil spirit the Ghost Adventures Crew has ever encountered.


This once opulent estate, still looks the same from the outside, but is now stripped down to it's proverbial skin and bones. La Palazza is the stepping stone for a tale that includes spiritual possession, secret rooms covered in blood, and maybe the most evil spirit that the Ghost Adventures Crew has ever encountered. Most of the story, is told through the eyes of former owner, Chris Martinez. You can feel his pain, and how this house and the evil within this structure, tore apart his relationships, tore apart his life, and tore apart his soul.



  • Residual Noises: Hissing, Banging, Dragging, Singing, Snarling, Whispering
  • Equipment Malfunction: Nicks Audio died and at the same time, the two monitors they are using turn off because of low voltage (the batteries they used for the monitors were fully powered car batteries)
  • EVPs: "Attic", "Let's Kick 'Em Out", "This Way", "You Broke In Here", "Kill Her", "Not That Way",
  • Equipment Malfunction: When Zak says come show yourself before us, his camera freeze frames.
  • EMF Fluctuation: Zak's EMF Detector goes off twice near the secret room.
  • Other Phenomena: Nick claims that Zak's eyes shifted around his face.
  • Apparition: A light orb appears and follows the contours of Nick's back, and vanishes near his lower back.



  • The first of the GAC's hometown lockdown investigation
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