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Letchworth Village is the sixth episode of Season 5 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick & Aaron travel to Letchworth Village, an abandoned mental institution complex in Haverstraw, NY, to reveal a powerful and addictive force that compels locals to persistently revisit the haunted grounds.


The crew interviews a man named Dave and his girlfriend Jacquelyn Emm.

They recall an encounter that they and a group of friends had with an entity known as "The 7 Foot Man".



  • Physical Contact: The crew feels that some type of energy is leading each of them into different parts of the building unknowingly separating apart.
  • Residual Noise: A girl screaming was heard but was not caught on the camera's audio.
  • Residual Noise: Aaron hears an Unexplained banging.
  • Residual Noise: When Zak heard a male voice, he assumed in might have been Nick or Aaron he thought was close by, but as he goes to where he was before where he thought the sound of a male came from and where he and the other two split unknowingly, he realizes that Nick and Aaron were gone from where they once were standing as a group.
  • Residual Noises: Unexplained Screaming (not captured on audio), Knocking, Male voice
  • EVP: "shut up you Prick", "pray your God", "you're taunting me", "then come get me", "then talk"
  • Spirit Box Voices: "attack", "woman scream" "please help", "this way"
  • Camera's audio Unexplained scream of a man.
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels something touch him in the Morgue as he catches a voice.
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels an entity follow him as he receives a voice. Turns out the entity following him was a dark spirit and he later meets up with Aaron but tells him to stay away.
  • Continuous Noises: Throughout a short part of the lockdown, a long siren noise can be heard.
  • Apparition: As Zak hears unexplained noises, a large shadow figure is seen moving behind a window and disappears behind one of the studs on the window. Zak knows this isn't his or Nick and Aaron's shadow cause if it was then the Dark mass shadow figure's legs would have been seen in front of the studs However the Figure was behind when it came moving.
  • Visual Sighting: Zak claims that he saw a very dark and terrifying demonic creature move across the hallway where a lot of unexplained noises were coming from.
  • Physical Contact: Nick feels something push him out of a room.
  • Apparition: Just before Nick feels an unseen force push him out of the room he was in, either 1 or 2 light anomalies jump towards Nick and push him out of the room as the woman spirit box said "Please help".


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