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Moon River Brewery (sometimes titled "Moon River Brewing Company") is the seventh episode of Season 2 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick and Aaron visit Savannah, GA, to investigate the Moon River Brewing Company. The building survived General Tecumseh Sherman and has seen its share of feuds, fights and lynchings. Today a ghost named Toby haunts the billiard room and other spirits lurk.




Preliminary Investigation

  • Residual Noise: Dragging


    • Residual Noises: Knocking, Thump, Footsteps, Knock (x2)
    • Disembodied Voices: Disembodied laugh (x3), "Don't do that", "I don't wanna", Yell, "They got ____"
    • Word Database: "WATER", "GENDER", "SISTER", "REMOVE", "STEP", "YELL"
    • Equipment Malfunction: The word database suddenly loses visual contact
    • EVPs: "Don't do that", "I don't wanna,"They got ___","It's the god", "I know"
    • Physical Contact: Nick feels hands move across his back
    • Apparition: On one of the upstairs X cameras, a light anomaly is captured at the same time that footsteps can be heard
    • Visual Sighting: Zak claims he sees a shadow figure move in the basement
    • Physical Contact: Right after Aaron feels a cold mass of air, he feels a strong breeze brush past him
    • Equipment Malfunction: Both Nick and Zak's digital still cameras inexplicably malfunction
    • Apparition: Aaron's camera captures an orb shooting into Nick's head
    • Physical Harm: Both Zak and Nick begin to receive sharp pains in their head
    • Apparition: An orb is captured moving towards Zak
    • Possession: Right after feeling the body pains, Nick begins to feel his energy drain and suddenly becomes unresponsive to Zak and Aaron. He states following that he didn't remember anything except for negative feelings and possession by dark entity.
    • Apparition: A dark figure is captured passing behind Nick after the EVP I know is captured.


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