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Old Charleston Jail is the Season 5 finale of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick & Aaron enter the Old Charleston Jail to investigate the site of the first US female serial killer's public execution. The most heinous prisoner that this prison ever faced was the first female U.S. serial killer, Lavinia Fisher. When she was on the gallows getting ready to be hanged for her crimes, her last words were, "If any of you have a message for the devil, tell me now---for I will be seeing him soon." The guys invite the Mashup Music Video Contest winners, Dakota Laden and his dad, Rob, into this unprecedented lockdown with them. Is this evil Lavinia still plaguing this heinous prison?

==Walkthrough== saw Bigfoot



Preliminary Investigation

|-|Battery Carriage House Inn

  • EVP: "take their water away".


|-|Old Charleston Jail

  • EVP: "you make me mad", unexplained prisoner yelling, "let me out", "I wanna go", "get off him!".
  • Spirit Box Voices: "the Devil", "yeah?"
  • Physical Contact: while hearing the EVP Zak "literally" feels that the spirit is saying yes.
  • Visual Sighting: Aaron says that he saw an orb coming up the stairs turning into a white mist. They later check the game camera and realized it wasn't triggered when Aaron saw the white mist but it triggered when Aaron was shown.
  • Sounds: Unexplained Knocking, Loud crashing or collapsing, Banging (heard more that twice), Footsteps
  • Physical Contact: Nick gets an eerie feeling in the jail cell and states that it is circling him.
  • Apparition: Dakota says he saw an orb at the door.
  • Possession: Aaron gets a weird feeling and Nick and Zak's camera batteries drain.
  • Apparition: When those bangs are heard outside the cell that Dakota's dad is incarcerated in, just after the bangs are heard, a light anomaly is seen towards the center of the video frame.
  • Apparition: When the are reviewing the spirit box and they get to the voice that says, "let me out", a light anomaly is captured near Dakota's back.
  • Equipment Malfunction: When Aaron begins to feel like he is going to throw up, both of their camera's batteries mysteriously drain.




  • In this season finale episode, the Ghost Adventures Mashup Video Contest winner (Dakota) get's to join the GAC lockdown.
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