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Peabody-Whitehead Mansion (sometimes titled "Peabody Mansion") is the second episode of Season 6 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick & Aaron attempt to uncover the truth behind an unsolved murder at the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion in Denver, CO. UFC fighter Brendan Schaub joins the guys, and things heat up when a spirit calls out Brendan by name.




  • Residual Noises: Footsteps
  • EVPs: "Get...back...there"

  • Physical Contact: the GAC and Nicole have an unhappy feeling in the basement
  • EVPs: Zak caught some EVPs but were not shown, "waitress", "tell on me", stand by"
  • Spirit Box Voices: "Pete", "yourself", "no", "watch it", "she was raped", "it was_", "it is violent here", "street", "found it", "he's scared", "Brendan!"
  • Apparition: A ball of light flies straight down into Zak's head.
  • Physical Contact: Brendan feels something touch his ankle.
  • Apparition: Zak captures an anomaly with the infrared digital still camera.

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    • The evidence from the basement portion of the lockdown was taken to the police, and Zak reveals that an investigation opened.
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