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Pennhurst State School and Hospital (sometimes titled "Pennhurst State") is the Season 3 premiere of Ghost Adventures. Pennhurst State, a school for the developmentally disabled, was forced to close its doors in 1987 after numerous allegations of abuse and neglect. It's believed the tormented souls of the students still linger there.



Preliminary Investigations:

  • Identifiable noises/Moving object: Before the investigation even started, a banging sound is heard by Zak and Nick outside of the building, and when they went inside, a large desk was found tipped over and there were fresh dragging marks seen under it.
  • Visual sighting/Moving object: While interviewing, a man who worked there and his friend's son both saw an apparition open and close the blinds in a window, and when they went up to the room, the blinds are actually shown to be behind heavy metal mesh, so it would be impossible for anyone to move the blinds.


  • Identifiable noises: Footsteps, breathing, noises, door slamming, bangs, female voices, screams, hissing, door opening.
  • EVPs: "go away", "hello", "what are you doing?", "get out","you've done it", "sweet", "help me", "the girl did"
  • Identifiable noises/Moving object:
    • Loud banging can be heard behind the GAC.
    • It is revealed in GAC's Special, "Best Evidence" that a rock was thrown from around a corner when unexplained bangs are heard.
  • Moving object: An unseen force throws a rock at Zak.
  • Apparition/Physical contact: A mist heads towards Zak and grabs his pocket.
  • Moving object/Word database/EVP: First, the word database says "Hit", then out of nowhere, a coat hanger hits Zak in the side, and after reviewing the footage, they see that the coat hanger was actually on the other side of the wall, and they then believe that a spirit had moved it and thrown it at Zak. Finally, an EVP responds to Zak's question of who did this, and it responds "The girl did."
  • EMF/Temperature fluctuation: While using the EMF detector, it spikes to 2.7 and then an EVP says "Go away." Then, the temperature spikes from 84 degrees to 74 degrees.
  • Apparition:' A light anomaly is seen to the left of Zak after a coat rack mysteriously hit him in the chest after the word database said "HIT".
  • Explainable physical contact: When Zak, Nick, and Aaron began walking in the underground tunnels, Nick accidentally trips over an old, metal chair and receives pieces of glass in his hand and is cut on his hand, too.


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