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Remington Arms (sometimes titled "Remington Arms Factory") is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Ghost Adventures. The abandoned Remington Arms factory in Bridgeport, CT, has a dark history. Once the largest supplier of munitions in the world, mysterious explosions, electrocutions and melted bodies have earned it a deadly reputation.




Preliminary Investigation

  • Equipment Malfunction: Aaron's camera light went off due new sore battery
  • Physical Contact: During the day Zak and Nick feel something goes their bodies. 
  • Identifiable noises: unexplained voice, unexplained loud bang, footsteps.


  • Residual noises: Banging, screaming, crying, talking, yelling, gunshot, scream in pain, growling, and footsteps.
  • EVPs: "me", "not so hard", "yes"  "I like it", "there's something", "energy", "help"
  • Apparition: Bright flash of light in hallway the same time and a yell is heard.
  • Apparition: Partial manifestation of a leg and a foot by the camera just as footsteps are heard.
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels a malevolent energy goes through him, after Zak and Nick feel energy go through them.
  • Equipment Malfunction/Physical Contact/EVP: Cameras drained, Zak and Nick feel something go through them and have goosebumps, Aaron feels a malevolent spirit goes through him and the EVP "There's something" is said right afterwards.


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