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Hi Aaron 

I'm a big fan of you . I  think you are brave to do what you do.  I  would love to go on an investigation with you to keep you company when you are sent off alone by zak. 

Any time you are in the UK, please think of me on your next adventure. 

With love to you all.

Kelly Marsh. 

Xxx95.150.50.15 21:42, March 3, 2017 (UTC)


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HI Aaron,

I am a big fan!!   I recently moved to Nevada from Colorado.  I am looking @ places in Henderson, near the Boulder City area, so I can hike in Utah on weekends.  Attended NAU in Flagstaff for my graduate degree, so I know the area.   

I am also an Empath, and half Lakotah Sioux (real spelling), anyways I would love to attend a haunting with you guys. My CELL # IS 720-684-8384. Email

 Why does Zak always want to send you alone into places where it is obvious that attachments can happen??   I think you are very brave.  I have gotten attachments in New Orleans French Quarter as well as in Salem, MA.  
 I hope to hear from you and please be careful!  Sometimes attachments can last a very long time and make one ill.   Blessings and Grace.

 Diane Mahto2600:8801:0:FD47:916C:EBDB:FAF1:B5E2 01:43, October 31, 2019 (UTC)