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USS Hornet is the eighth episode of Season 4 of Ghost Adventures. The Ghost Adventures Crew explores the USS Hornet, a World War II-era aircraft carrier docked in San Francisco Bay. Visitors report seeing apparitions and bloodstains that mysteriously disappear.




  • Residual Noises: Banging, Footsteps
  • Apparition: A light anomaly manifests 30 feet away from Aaron in the darkened zone
  • EMF/Temperature Fluctuation: 2 spikes and a 10 degree rise are documented on Zaks EMF Detector
  • Temperature Fluctuation: The Temperature changed to 66.6 3 times
  • EVP: "Get Out", "God", "I Did", "Stephen", "Yeah", "Run", "We're Coming", "I'll Get You", "That's Right", "I'm Sorry", "It's Cold", "Get Up", "Nick", "Help", "Almost", "I Was Hurt"
  • Physical Contact: Aaron's Shirt Strap was pulled up while using the spirit box, ironically after that, a voice is captured saying "That's Right"
  • Apparition: Zak sounds an alarm and 7 minutes after in Broadway, an energy anomaly forms and shoots down the hall towards the camera, and closely looking, it moves like a tornado
  • Apparition: In the galley, 24 minutes after the energy anomaly forms, a mist figure appears and is reaching up for a pot
  • Physical Contact: Nick is laying in one of the medical room for burn victims, he claims his back is being burned, his arm is being pricked with needles, and is seeing his breath
  • Apparition: An energy orb shoots out of the back of Zak's Head
  • Physical Contact: Aaron claims to have felt something go through his back
  • Apparition: A light Anomaly flies around Zak's head and disappears in his chin


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