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Gender Male
Date of Birth 1986
Role GAW Admin, Paranormal Investigator
First Paranormal Experience Bardstown, KY (Jailer's Inn)

Greetings! My name is Trip and I serve as administrator for GAW. I am a HUGE Ghost Adventures fan! I started conducting my own paranormal investigations after spending a weekend in haunted Bardstown, Kentucky. For two nights, I stayed and slept in the jail cell room. I was able to catch some "spirit orbs" on film. Most of the orbs were captured in the graveyard behind Jailer's Inn, while a few others are from the front of the Inn. After snapping a few shots in the cemetery, I saw a "shadow figure" whoosh by my side very fast. Throughout the rest of the walk through the cemetery, I had an uneasy feeling that I was being followed.

Also, while visiting the Behringer-Crawford Museum in Covington, KY, not knowing it has been reported to be haunted, there was a loud, distinct knocking at the window with no one there. Both my parents and girlfriend witnessed this. The ghosts that haunt the museum are civil war soldiers and a few others, but are said to be friendly spirits. I would not mind investigating the building further sometime in the future.

Other investigations I have conducted were at Greaves Concert Hall at NKU, Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum (St. Augustine, FL) also known as "Warden Castle" and various cemeteries in Ohio, Kentucky and Florida.

Ghost Adventures Locations I Have Visited

  • Castillo de San Marcos
  • Moon River Brewery
  • Bobby Mackey's Music World