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Washoe Club/Chollar Mine (sometimes titled "Old Washoe Club and Chollar Mine") is the fifth episode of Season 3 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick and Aaron return to Virginia City, NV, the site of their very first investigation. The angry spirits in this old western mining town have been waiting for their return.




  • Recap Apparition: Back in their original documentary, the crew captured a full bodied apparition following Nick out of the ballroom.
  • Recap EVPs: A previous investigation with a different crew caught EVPs saying "Nick Groff", "hate Nick", "Zak, look out", "Nick, Zak, coming..., they're scaring me"

  • Residual Noises: Pickax Noises, Minecart Noises, Loud Bang in the Club, Footsteps
  • Physical Harm: In the mine, Zak is hit by something metal. While Nick is in the shaft, he feels something climbing up under him, At the club, Aaron feels his energy draining, Zak Gets Pains in the back of his head, Zaks shirt gets tugged very hard,
  • EVPs: "help"

  • EVPs: "it was me", "we're not scared of them", "better not", "yeah", "never", "Nick, go home", "I hate Nick", "its .... only me", "Groff"
  • Disembodied Speaking: Male voices, Demonic voice
  • Scents and Odours: Aaron starts sensing a smell of cigar smoke
  • Radio Device Voices: "help...listen", "trouble"
  • Apparition: An orb shoots out of Nick's neck.
  • Apparition: A white mist figure, about 4 ft tall, moves from across the main bar, in front of the staircase.

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